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Hello There

Hi everybody!  My name is Brian.

(See the good-looking one?  I’m the other one.)

I’m born, raised, and live in Connecticut. I’m 25 and currently between jobs (so if anybody happens to come across any available nonprofit community-level jobs, I would love to talk to you).  I have two degrees from one of the loves of my life, the University of Connecticut, our fairest white and blue. Another love of my life is my girlfriend, who is in law school and is really smart, and will probably make more money than me, so it really behooves me to say nice things like that, even if they’re incontrovertible facts.

I’m a huge lover of music, movies, and television. I also LOVE baseball, but I’m a big fan of many other sports as well. I run, play tennis, play golf, play basketball, bowl, and go the gym, but I’m even better at eating and sitting on the couch. I’m often very sarcastic (like, VERY sarcastic…I’m so sarcastic that sometimes people think I’m just stupid). I’m a die-hard fan of the Boston Red Sox because, hey, nobody’s perfect.

Views expressed here are mine alone, unless I wrote them while unemployed, in which case fuck it. However, views such as “Hitler was a bad guy,” “NSYNC is underrated,” and “red onions are the fucking worst” are assuredly views expressed by almost everybody else in the world in their right mind. Speaking of views, I’m super liberal and registered with the Green Party, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. At the same time, I’m very objective and will listen to opposing views and try my best not make fun of people personally for them.

I’ll be blogging about stuff I’m up to in my everyday life. Please be nice to me, because I like thinking that my life is more exciting than it really is.

It’s a magical world…let’s go exploring!